Alien She, 2013
eBook with David Geer, Colin Self, and Mark Aguhar. For Mark Aguhar.
Presented by Klaus eBooks and edited by Brian Droitcour.

Alien She: HERS, 2013

"Erased Wittig" 2012, Alien She eBook cover

Capital H

The pains or benefits, investment in labor:

L aughing
A bout
B oys
O r
R esources
Could be my handbag or my grave,
Given the depth I let dig

Choosing to ignore
Minutes, as a thing
So easy to forget
The twitching insect stride
Of second-s-coming



What's so picture perfect clues a list of Malibu
Barbie drives a jeep in the streets so she can breathe
Fresh air and warm ideas and clouds and
All of the excess of choice collates
a bio for her here:

A textual cunt, a mirror

Now speaking as and against myself
I have to admit, I cannot stand pink
Even high gloss even powder
So much more, the mystic hippie
the mall goth purple

There's a commercial
And I had a friend who owned
The one with highlights you could Magic-Marker in
her hair
Like it was such a revelation
Like we had never just done it ourselves

We being the bad girls who mixed
vodka into their
Crystal Light and sipped it in water
bottles during
Class using hot Cheetos to mask
the smell in
Math where we all shared answers and managed
open notes

The public was never as warm as it was good
The choice never felt my own
But yeah, we had an agreement
So we checked out as a way to test
The total stress of knowing
We would always have to do it ourselves

Colin Self

Isaac Pool and David Geer

David Geer

Mark Aguhar

These are the axes:

Bodies are inherently valid

Remember death

Be ugly

Know beauty

It is complicated



Reconstruct, reify

Respect, negotiate