Horizon Lies, 2022, Performance, 45 minutes (excerpt)

Horizon Lies performance brochure


ether hanging with friends, april april, 2022

Love & Resistance: Stonewall 50, with David Geer, QED, 2019

40 Volume, HAUNT Journal, 2016

ykepool.info, 2012-2015

BOMB Portfolio, 2016

Light Stain, 2015, book

Alien She, 2013, eBook


40 Volume, performance for video, 2018-2019

Doing A, 2012

Isaac Pool, 40 Volume, White, a vase covered in soiled white socks with the chain of a dong hanging from its mouth
White, 2013, glass vase, socks, hairgel, and chained rubber dong

Isaac Pool, 40 Volume, Stater Pack, a plastic cucumber strapped to a pink lightbulb, mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss.
Starter Pack, 2017, ceramic and wire base, plastic cucumber, rubberband, lightbulb, eyeliner, mascara, and Heatherette for MAC lipgloss

Isaac Pool & Crystal Palmer, Good Piece of Food, A dog bed made from a denim jacket with the United Auto Workers logo emobssed on its back
Love Don't Live Here Anymore, 2015, denim, fabric, newspaper. With Crystal Palmer

Isaac Pool A Alternatives. A plank of black plexiglass sits on a terracotta colored rubber mat that flaps off the wall onto the floor. The plank holds a photograph with a hairclip and a brastrap. The photograph depicts a spraypainted banner that says BECAUSE with a wicker basket hanging below and two towers of cans taped together above. The setting is an attic apartment with an 80's softcore pornographic glam poster of two blond women on the nearest wall.
Because, 2013, acrylic, digital c-print, hardware, Playboy Bunny bra strap, hair clip, rubber mat

Isaac Pool A Alternatives. A video still of a white person in a shiny, skimpy pop star outfit sitting on a bed in a hotel. They are closing their eyes and smiling while a brown woman in the back unpacks a suitcase on the bed. A subtitle on the screen reads this body foreclosure has a price
A Alternatives, 2013, 35 minutes

Isaac Pool A Alternatives. A broken wicker basket encased by a blonde wig and clumped cat litter.
Untitled Wig, 2013, wig, woven basket, cat litter, hairspray

Isaac Pool a A broken mirror ball patched with spackle, reflective tape, and chrome chain mail trimming reflects small beams of light onto a wall that holds a costume hanging from a retail clothing rack that's been plastered into the wall. The costume is a headset for a child's pop star look and comes with a small bag of glitter. The product reads Drama QUEENS, Rock Star Mic.
More, most, variable, Repaired mirror ball, pin spotlight, Slatwall inset and hook, packaged costume headset, 2021

The Substitute, a collage on paper. A late 1980's paparazzi photograph of Madonna with yellow-blonde hair and holding a bouquet of yellow roses sits facing forward, looking away from the camera in the back of a black car. The photograph is from a book and fragments of text are cut off by a sheet of bronze leaf with a large chunk missing from the center placed on top. The text reads Fame does...price tag. When all the...
"The Substitute," 2012, Bronze leaf, book clipping, paper

RENTAL, a still from a VHS video. A white person in a dramatic dance pose points their elbow at the camera and looks downward while wearing a long black glove and a costume made of a colorful bathing suit and stuffed animals. There is a banner in teh background that reads SALE
RENTAL, VHS still, performance project, 2005-2007

Teenage Whore, 2005

Isaac Pool Erased Witig. A scan of Monique Wittig's The Straight Mind with all of the text digitially removed
Erased Wittig 2012, Alien She eBook cover

Isaac Pool, Light Stain. A photograph of a sunset over the desert taken from inside a home with the frame of a window and a porch blocking the image of the sunset.
Untitled, 35mm snapshot


Isaac Pool's approach is rooted in a promiscuous crossing of disciplines including performance, sculpture, and poetry. Pool's work challenges limits of identification and embraces fantasy and dissonance as tools for self-determination and social survival.



Artfourm, BOMB