"Good Piece of Food"
January 2nd, 2016
Collaboration with Crystal Palmer
Greylight Projects, Brussels
Produced by Harlan Levey Projects

What a dog wants,
What a dog needs.

"Good Piece of Food" picks up where Salad and I Know It left off, this time inside of a lair hosted by a troll named Jenny.

Ped, 2015
air clay, polymer plastic, pigment, nail polish

Papy (de Chez Papy), 2016

Between a Hard Rock and a Cafe Place, 2016
stoneware, water

Rond de Jambe, 2015
denim, cushion, hardware

Candida Clearance, 2015
wood, leash, collar, plastic, terracotta, epoxy clay, bell

Amph, 2016
foam, toy, trimming, gem

Paprika, Poulet, Pouvoir, 2016
stoneware, dog treats

Macho No. 5, 2016
stoneware, water

Trough, 2016
stoneware, dog kibble

Love Don't Live Here Anymore, 2015
denim, fabric, newspaper

Jenny, 2015
t-shirt, poem


Promenade, 2016
leash, ball, nylon, rubber tube, polymer plastic, pigment, thread

MDNA, 2016
W Magazine, Mod Podge, toys, chain, polymer plastic, pigment, gems, beads, fringe

Grand Place, 2016
air mattress, toy, polymer plastic, pigment

365, 2015
electric hot plate, dehydrated cantaloupe

Piquain't, 2016
Cooler Ranch Doritos bag