Isaac Pool
photo by Samuel Draxler, 2018

Isaac Pool is an artist who works across sculpture, performance, poetry, and lens-based media. Their practice takes its cues from the suburban shopping mall, coded vernacular objects, and the glitzy affirmations promised by the pop diva remix. Pool's work engages feminism with a perverse sentimentality and antagonistic relationship to gender presentation. Formally, they invest in illegibility, aphorisms, and the clipped syntax of a notes app. The work manifests dark humor, joy, glamour, and excess laced with an undercurrent of shame. Pool amplifies the power of fantasy and creates spaces where superficial pleasures can become makeshift sites for social survival. They have performed and exhibited internationally with solo shows in New York, Detroit, and Brussels. Their first full length book of poems in print, Light Stain, is available from What Pipeline, Detroit. Alien She, an ebook dedicated to Mark Aguhar, is available from Klaus eBooks.