40 Volume, HAUNT Journal, 2016 BOMB Portfolio, 2016
Light Stain Alien She Alien She: HERS
Light Stain, 2015, book Alien She, 2013, eBook Alien She: HERS, 2013, website


today.ykepool.info I'm not anti-futurity but you seem anti-present
Next Time, 2013, book (co-editor) today.ykepool.info, 2015 Communte, 2015, poem
Notes on the Dog Bed Jenny Webworks
Notes on the Dog Bed, 2014 Jenny, 2016, t-shirt Webworks, 2015, essay
3.ykepool.info 2.ykepool.info 1.ykepool.info
3.ykepool.info, 2014 2.ykepool.info, 2013 1.ykepool.info, 2012
Ringlets like a Standard Stoppage
The waves in my hair
My hands are small, I know but they're
Karaoke Two Sisters Sitting in Bed
Souldrone/Superdem0, 2013 Karaoke, 2011, video Two Sisters Sitting in Bed, 2013, play
A Alternatives script A Alternatives Mood Board Salad and I Know it
A Alternatives script, 2013 A Alternatives Mood Board, 2013 Salad and I Know it, 2014, play
Transfer Progress script Transfer Progress Detroit Diary Portal Transfer Progress Character Renders
Transfer Progress script, 2010 Transfer Progress Detroit Diary Portal, 2010, website Transfer Progress Character Renders, 2010