"DSM-V" and "Carry Out Stage," 2016
Curated by NYPAC as part of "Spilling Over."
Knockdown Center, Queens.


A woman wearing a wine-colored wig and blouse cuts coupons in the wind.

images courtesy of The Village Voice

"Carry Out Stage"


Chicken Noodle

Empty stage, each character holds defining props

One Act:

Strawberries: X shape
Running with a plate of strawberries and a paper bag full of water bottles until it breaks. If the bag breaks before 10 minutes is up, collect all bottles and attempt to continue on X path. Strawberries become a puzzle for performer, they can either eat them or try to balance on top of bottles or head.

Chicken Noodle: Waiting
A woman arrives stage left, walking with a large Tupperware of chicken noodle soup stops at a bag of groceries, overflowing with chips and greens. Stands with bag between legs as if on a crowded train trying to balance with soup.

Khakis: Present
Arrives two minutes in, stands up stage right. Holds a bag of Cheetos while looking into audience, occasionally rubbing dust onto khaki capris.

image courtesy of The Village Voice