"Salad and I Know It"
Collaboration with Crystal Palmer
Performance (16 minutes), 4 Dog Bed sculptures, stage setting

Performed at Brooklyn Arts Exchange with Crystal Palmer and Debbee Pool, February 14th and 15th, part of "News Cycle" curated by Max Steele

Two friends find the dog bed in this study in Midwestern pragmatism. They're dressed at the precipice of taking control of their lives: shopping for Benefiber and/or praying for bathroom home makeover. Self-help aspiration acts as an "almost" against an order of statement toppings placed with a reverence for choice.

"Companion (Free Country),"
found jacket, chain, bead

"Go Home Fran,"
terracotta, Apoxie Sculpt, textured velvet spandex, cat food

stoneware, plush blanket, braided rawhide, fun fur, wax

"Dippy Dawg,"
fun fur, upholstery fabric, glass vase, irridescent foil, plastic wrap, pvc tubing, Apoxie Sculpt, metal chain, rawhide, bead, bell, fringe, rabbit fur

"Salad and I Know It," staging for BAX performance:
deflated air mattress, digitally printed plush blanket, SmartWater, Cool Ranch Doritos, Sabra hummus, cocoa butter lotion,
Sex and The City DVDs, ceramic flip flop, lettuce stress ball, rug (scratching post),
video projection: Yoga Booty Ballet "Advanced" chapter.