"Cultural Affair"
Curated by Hotel Art
w/ works by Chino Amobi, Frances Bean Cobain and Brad Troemel


mirror, Biore™ strip

"Untitled Wig"
wig, woven basket, cat litter, hairspray

"Two Sisters Sitting in Bed,"
Performance (5 minutes) with David Geer and Devon Parrott
two bottles of nail polish, lighter, a bottle of Queen Helene™, a bottle of SmartWater™


1: I've never been into capris. I've never been To Capri, I've never worn capris, okay - well I have worn floods. I've also smoked a Capri 
2: they are glamorous, but the taste is just foul. Cigarettes are about pleasure, I can't sacrifice taste for a thin white b- 
1: -but the pants are short and fat! Why are the pants short and fat but the cigarettes so thin? Why?! 
2: its a lifestyle Short pause 
1: sooooo, its about projection then? For people who dream of Capri and love to smoke. Do Salem smokers love the movie Scream? I never understood 
2: do you think it's that shade of green? Or the just the word? 
1: is cigarette location like, a major thing? Who wants to be in Winston? 
2: is that a place? I had friends that called those ton-tons, I always thought that was cute. A 24 ounce beer was a duce Duce 
1: repetition is glue, right? 
2: or at least enough conversation to shop. I've really been seeing myself in pasta containers. Like, the thought of living a life that accommodates a container for noodles that isnt the bag i bought them in 
1: I know! It's so obsessive! But maybe the perfect gift for someone else?!? It's so indulgent, but maybe also the perfect thing to reassure someone else with like "of course you're this kind of person, of course you have this life! You deserve it!" 
2: did that stuff hit you yet? 
1: I think I'm kind of feeling it 
2: OOO you're gonna have to shit real soon 
1: oh god, I know. I always know its happening because my vision gets all blurry 
2: the last hotel I was in became a continuous surface, like one skin 
1: did the walls talk? 
2: no, but the cracks in the wallpaper did. 
1: yeah I can see that. It's like suddenly you're not alone. You're a peer 
2: but only emotionally! It wasn't psychedelic just like, a lot of feelings. I felt like I was winking at the shelves, the towels 
1: does this wallpaper in here have cracks? I feel like I am just sitting in static 
2: (touches walls) these patterns are like the cover of someone's notebook Pause 
1: I'm definitely feeling something 
2: should we turn on the tv? I feel a little nervous. 
1: are you looking for static or are you here to make friends 
2: I just wanted to hang out! 
1: then do it! Nobody is trying to keep you in that bed 
2: fuck I need a cigarette 
1: okay let's go outside, why dont you find your sunglasses